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command-shift-L     List all shortcuts  
command-J           Incremental Search  
command-E           Recend documents  
command-2           assign arguments  
command-3           quick show view
command-alt-q       show view
command-alt-w       related view
alt-up/down         move line up/down
command-alt-up/down copy line


  • regexp replacement: use () to wrap the finding regexp, and use $1 in replacement


  • 取消 eclipse 主控台(Console) 輸出的字數限制:[Windows]->[Preferences]->[Run/Debug]->[Console],取消選取[Limit console output]。
  • 修改 ${user} 值:修改 eclipse.ini,加入

    -Duser.name=my user name    
  • 修改操作介面語系:修改 eclipse.ini,加入

  • 更多設定:

  • window -> new editor

  • change getter/setter to one line. find:

    (?m)((?:public |private |protected )?[\w$]+) (get|set)([\w$]+)\(([\w$]+ [\w$]+)?\) \{\s+(return [\w$]+;|this.[\w$]+ = [\w$]+;)\s+\}

replace by:

     $1 $2$3($4) { $5 }
  • check: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/54886/hidden-features-of-eclipse


The Official Eclipse FAQs

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