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練習的方法: 練習口說的時候,請記得要錄音, 你可以知道自己哪裡講不清楚,而不是憑印象、憑感覺。 錄音會讓你進步更加快速,更有效率,千萬不要害羞與懶惰。 (via http://xination.pixnet.net/blog/post/24238277)

準備步驟:(via Lena老師編修:新托福口說備考8大步驟)

Make sure:

  1. You can clearly understand the listening materials.
  2. You take some notes while you are listening.
  3. You notes must contain key phrases, main verbs and adjectives.
  4. You can put the notes together by adding transitional words.
  5. You can read your notes clearly and coherently.
  6. You can say it clearly and coherently under time pressure.
  7. You can say it clearly and coherently by referring to your notes only instead of a complete written passage.
  8. You must record your passage and listen to yourself.

No.1 No.2

  • TOEFL Speaking DataBase
  • 流暢度:對於想講的內容,可以找到適當的單字、文法來表達,而不是吱吱嗚嗚地講不出來。
  • 內容發展完整、有邏輯 :建構你的內容,且不要confuse聽者。
  • 舉例、論述細節:要講出detail (via http://xination.pixnet.net/blog/post/22303204)

check: Lena老師破解 托福口說第一題 考生常犯二大錯誤

題目: - Evernote by xination - 黃金 80 題: link1, link2

No.1 八大類:(via link)

  • Characteristics: check this
  • Foreign Places
  • Important Experiences
  • Public Places
  • People
  • Life Goals
  • Local Cultures
  • Leisure

No.2 九大類: (via link)

  • Studies
  • Media v.s. Experience
  • Communication Style
  • Life Style
  • Job
  • Children
  • Money
  • Sense v.s. Sensibility
  • Local v.s. International


  • 考題形式:Reading(學校擬實行的新措施,以及實行的原因)➔ Listening(一男一女對話:一人發表意見,一人答腔,重點是發表意見的)
  • 筆記重點:
    • Reading:
      • 學校的新措施
      • 原因 1
      • 原因 2
    • Listening:
      • 意見者態度(贊成或反對)
      • 理由 1
      • 理由 2
  • 模版:

    The students in the conversation are talking about the new decision of the school.
    The school is going to (do something).
    And/But from the conversation we found that the man/woman dis/agrees with the new decision.
    One reason for the new decision is [原因1].
    The man/woman dis/agrees because [理由1].
    Another reason for the new decision is [原因2].
    The man/woman dis/agrees because [理由1].        



  • 考題形式:Reading(a general idea)➔ Listening (a special example)
  • 應對方式:

    第四題的致勝關鍵是:1. 抓住閱讀主旨 2. 聽出聽力重點 2. 以正確的句子描述出來 (via ref 1.)

  • 筆記重點:
    • Reading:
      • 專有名詞及定義
    • Listening:
      • 例子 1
      • 例子 2
  • 模版

    The reading passage is about [專有名詞].
    教授同意:The professor continues to give examples to support the reading passage.
    教授反對:However, the professor disagrees with the concepts in the reading passage.
    First, he mentions [eg. 1].
    He also mentions [eg. 2].


  1. 任何模板都可拿高分?Lena老師破解你對模板的迷思!
  2. iBT作戰日記-Speaking Q4 答題心得
  3. TOEFL speaking 心得 (9)-- OG no.4 分析
  4. TOEFL speaking 心得 (10)-- no.4 答題策略


  • 考題形式:一段對話:一方表達自己的困難和困惑,另一方出對策。
  • 應達重點:



    三、你選哪一個?為什麼? (via ref. 2.)

  • 筆記重點:
    • 學生的問題
    • 解決方案1
    • 解決方案2
  • 模版

    The problem the man/woman faces is that [問題].
    The man/woman gives him/her two solutions.
    The first solution is [解決方案1].
    Another is [解決方案2].
    I prefer the first/second solution.
    First, [自己的理由1].
    Also, [自己的理由2].


  1. 托福口說第五題怎麼回答?
  2. 網友發問:口說第五題要說代價嗎?
  3. iBT作戰日記-Speaking Q5 答題心得
  4. TOEFL speaking 心得 (11)-- OG no.5 分析
  5. TOEFL speaking 心得 (12)-- no.5 答題策略


  • 考題形式:聽演講然後複述。
  • 應達重點:
  • 筆記重點:
    • 主題及定義
    • subtopic 1 and its explanation or example
    • subtopic 2 and its explanation or example
  • 模版:這題我覺得不需要模版。XD

    In the lecture, the professor talks about [主題].


  1. iBT作戰日記-Speaking Q6 答題心得
  2. TOEFL speaking 心得 (13)-- OG no.6 分析
  3. TOEFL speaking 心得 (14)-- no.6 答題策略

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